Start a Business in 2020 even during You-Know-What. It all begins somewhere…

  • No one, not even family and close friends, will admire your audacity to start a company. Everyone, without exception, will think you’re an idiot for not having a “regular job” for the sake of an elusive “stability” and a regular salary, especially during you know what!
  • No amount of reading or advice can prepare you for the real thing. You will be hit countless times, from every direction imaginable. Keep at it and learn from your own (and other people’s) mistakes. Ask for advice.
  • Most people start companies in the pursuit of personal independence. But any company, successful or failing, can quickly become a prison for the founder, if not thoughtfully planned ahead. Whenever possible, aim to delegate, and detach yourself from the operational side of things if you can afford it at the start.
  • You must know Marketing or Hire somebody who does. You can be the best in the world at your craft, if no one knows about it, you will go hungry. Master the ability to connect your product or service with potential customers. Use a professional marketing agency to support and advise you. (Like our team at Fusion Digital!! We had to get a plugin somewhere on the list!).
  • Starting a company with the goal of getting rich is not the right way. It will get very hard before it gets better (if ever), and you will need something deeper than money to keep you going. Be profit-oriented, but do not have money as the ultimate goal. The money will come if the business is successful.
  • Listen to your market. Trying to shove a product or service down your prospect’s throat, just because you personally like it, will not get you far. People “vote” with their money. Pay close attention to the market and other companies and what they are doing.
  • Every successful company out there, no matter how big (even Uber, Facebook & Airbnb), started out small and local. It is up to you, the company founder, to make your company great. Keep believing in yourself, even when no one else does. Head down and keep going, if you have a mentor available, use their logic and advice.
  • Do not fall in love with your product or service. Instead, fall in love with your customers. Your first business is likely not to be the only, or the last, one. Keep serving your customers. Customers and customer service are always first place!
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