Multimedia Services

Using video to advertise is just smart!

You know video is where it’s at but making a high-quality video that will do your brand justice is not as easy as it looks. We LOVE video and Sigita is a mine of creative ideas. We storyboard and script your video and prep all the participants. We source the perfect voice-over artists and music and create all the graphics. Don’t forget that John is an animator so we can incorporate animation into some or all of your video. The result is corporate videos that are actually watchable; simple and clear explainer videos; educational videos; and shareable videos for digital marketing.

Videos for Digital and Social channels

Video Creation

From camera work to animation we got you covered.

Explainer videos:

These days if anybody wants to learn about something, they search YouTube. We’ll help you answer the questions your customers are asking with professional explainer videos. we use after effects to create snappy informative graphics to get the message across.

Animation is so versatile – perfect for simplifying complex ideas and for lightening the tone. Your whole video could be animated or just a section of it. We can create cool logo reveals or animated presentations that will certainly jazz up your presentations.

Video Editing

You might have heard it said that film is an editor’s medium. If you have raw footage, we can edit it to tell the story you want to tell your customers.

Videos for digital channels: Whether it’s a ‘who we are’ corporate message, a promotional video, an educational message or a testimonial video of your happy customers, we bring our skills and imagination to every project.

TV and online video ads:

We review where your business fits into the competitive set when it comes to digital marketing. We look at your presence on all the digital channels to identify your strengths and weaknesses. The audit helps us identify the opportunities for differentiating yourself while reaching your sweet spot customer.

Videos for Digital and Social channels

Graphic Design

Graphic design can be applied across a multitude of digital and print media formats. Using the power of good design can bring a message, an idea and even a brand to life. It can create trust even in a first impression.

We have experienced designers in-house that can tackle any design project. From logo’s, brochures to package design and signage. We can create everything you need to have a successful campaign and get your message out there.