Website Services

Web Design

We are designers who can tailor-make a beautiful website design that works for your customers and showcases your brand.

Understanding the customer journey through usability and User experience (UX) and creating a design that serves the purpose is an important way of improving a website.

From brochure and blogs to e-commerce and booking platforms, we do all the work – end-to-end – to make sure your website does what your customers need it to, seamlessly.

Mobile app development

Web Development

There may be a need for some advanced stuff, and here at Fusion our team have the experience to develop complex solutions for the web. We can work with API’s and other third-party solutions to develop what you need to improve your business processes.

Large Scale

We are used to dealing with complex and large scale product catalogs.

Streamline processes

Creating solutions that make it easy to do business is always something we are deeply passionate about.

Web Support

Keeping your site in tip-top shape is so important these days. This part of owning a website is regularly forgotten. If left un-checked It won’t take long for the cracks to show if your beautiful new website if not maintained, updated and protected.

We have a range of website hosting and maintenance packages to suit every business and budget.

Website Backups

In the event that something goes wrong, we keep daily - weekly backups to make sure everything can be reverted back to normal.

Website Security

The websites we build and manage have up to date security that protects against older vulnerabilities.

Digital marketing services

Web Auditing

Before you invest in a new website, we’ll help you understand what you’re doing well and what improvements could be made.

For example., time-poor customers have no patience for long-winded funnels or confusing customer flows – usability auditing makes for a more intuitive website.


We investigate how you're doing against your competitors.


Advice on getting where you need to be.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most important aspects of developing a website, the concept while general covers a wide range of theoretical and technical aspects of a site and how it is connected to the rest of the internet. When building a site we prioritise SEO to build successful business websites.

As you know “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Website owners need to take that to heart when considering SEO. SEO needs to be monitored, tracked and worked on an ongoing basis to see results.

At Fusion, we have the experience to audit and fix what potentially is wrong with older sites also.

Website speed

Website speed is very important both technically for SEO consierations and for customers who are looking for informaiton fast. Identifying issues relating to speed can give a website a boost two-fold.

Simple user interaction

The usability of a site is extremely important. Keeping things simple and streamline is always advised when possible.