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Krystle, John and Stephen have a wealth of marketing and brand experience gained from a wide range of industries over the last 20+ years. We are especially familiar with the marketing of professional, corporate, retail and services sectors and understand the challenges of these landscapes very well.

When you engage Fusion Digital, however, you engage the entire team, with all our specialist skills. This means we can appraise your business challenges from an independent 360-degree outside perspective.

Whether it is to get expert advice on a specific element of your sales and marketing mix or to plan and implement your entire marketing strategy, we are ready and interested to hear from you.

We advise and implement marketing plans and campaigns for a devise range of industries and have gained this experience over the last twenty-plus years.

It’s what we do and what we are passionate about …


Your brand strategy is the pillar and detailed framework that sits behind your company messaging, your reputation and your marketing activities to the outside market and world.

The leading focus we assist with is aligning all parts of your brand to make strong business sense.

People want to engage with, do business with – and work for – brands or businesses that have a clear point of view and create value for society and customers. This is not only for international big brands, all businesses no matter what size should have a central strategy and goals which are constantly reviewed, updated and measured.

Brands with purpose and an ideal vision have gone mainstream because they have been proven to accelerate growth, combining business objectives, increased sales with social impact – it is what customers and employees want.

We specialise in helping organisations establish their brand purpose and embed it at the heart of their brand, culture and business strategy.

With the help of research, creative design, mood boards and logos, we can bring a brand to life.

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation, a chat never hurt anyone!

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The importance of market and ethnographic research is often undervalued or overlooked in the development and marketing of a product or service.

In some cases, we strongly recommend that you conduct qualitative and quantitative research to test out attitudes and to provide metrics for all manner of your sales and marketing questions.

Ethnographic research entails the researcher observing the target user interacting with a product or service.

The results provide invaluable insights into solving messaging, sales and design problems. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Step one, strategy. Step two, implementation. You may be responding to marketing opportunities as they arise, but in order to get the best value out of your marketing budget and resources, your marketing activity should be supporting your business strategy. When we work on marketing strategy with a client, we start with a full review of your current activity and where you sit within your competitive set. Next, we’ll identify your goals and put in a place a realistic plan for their achievement. Firm believers in the adage What Gets Measured Gets Done, we make sure your progress towards your goals can be quantified.