Event Management Services

Event Forward

Events can improve brand loyalty, generate leads, allow for client engagement, maintain relationships and generate positive PR. Whatever your marketing goals are, we specialise in creating successful events to suit your budget. Krystle started out as an event supremo, so you can trust Fusion Marketing to produce your event in a professional and seamless way, whether it’s a corporate event, launch, seminar, conference, tradeshow, breakfast, lunch or dinner, award ceremony, important meeting, networking event or team building event. We can plan, promote and produce your event from start to finish or market your already-organised event.


Budget control and a critical path are vital. The critical path is the key sequence of actions that will result in the event happening in the most efficient manner. This, along with tight budget control, makes sure your event doesn’t ‘grow legs’.

Risks are another important aspect to consider and we do the research to help minimise and identify potential risk to the event.

Time is always a concern and there are factors that determine whether plans and arrangements are on track.


We create brand experiences! Creating a powerful brand experience is key which can unturn help engage your attendees. Our team can create a memorable experience that will leave you the talk of the town. Be the next big thing in events…sound good? Well, let Fusion Digital strategise and deliver that experience for you and your business.


A lot goes into a well-organised event. On-site and off-site operations need coordination. Then there’s logistics and support.

For example, we advise on appropriate entertainment and take care of booking and liaising with the talent so that you can concentrate on the million other things you have to do to make your event run smoothly.

The registration process for and the management of delegates must be run smoothly or you will lose them, simple as that. We deliver an efficient and user-friendly registration process and take care of all delegate communications.

Coordinating the arrival and installation of furniture, AV equipment, stock, set dressing and so on is something we take in our stride. Of course, we can be right beside you on the day and provide additional bodies if necessary.

Post-Event Analysis

The very important ‘wash up’ – was the event a success? What can you learn from it? Our event financial reconciliation will leave you with a clear picture of the event cost.

To find out more about how we can help you and your upcoming event project please get in contact.