Light Modifiers

Light modifiers alter or control the light. Some of them soften the light for more flattering shadows, others create hard light for drama. Others allow photographers to have more creative control over the light by changing the colour or even shape. It’s easy to spend thousands on lighting modifiers if you try to buy them all.

Light Tents

A professional light tent / cube excellent for product photography. Perfect for Ebay sellers, e-commerce product photography and other online sellers. It is made of translucent, durable, white nylon fabric to give soft and non-reflective effect. Its superior colour-neutral textured finish offers significantly more light diffusion than standard nylon grades and softening shadows and reducing glare, making it ideal for photographing shiny or reflective objects.

LED Lights

Are efficient continuous lights, some of the types allows to control the colour temperature of the light.


Light Tents with built-in Light 

The LED Light Tent features a reflective silver interior to produce clean, even, shadow-less, lighting, which is great for photographing small objects such as Jewellery and ornaments etc. with minimal to no post-production. LED lights are very energy-efficient, and are also long lasting which eliminates the need for frequent bulb replacements during critical moments. This light tent is ideally suited for taking quick product photos for use on websites and in product catalogs with your DSLR camera or compact camera. The sizes vary from 60×60 cm up to 150×150 cm.




In order to get consistent results, it’s advised to switch the camera to manual mode, adjust exposure and colour temperature to your liking.

Photo Editing

There are several options for photo editing software, one of the most recognizes is Adobe Lightroom, unfortunately it requires a subscription. On the free options is called Darktable.

Darktable is an open-source photography workflow application and raw developer. A virtual light table and darkroom for photographers. The internal architecture of darktable allows users to easily add modules for all sorts of image processing, from the very simple (crop, exposure, spot removal) to the most advanced (simulation of human night vision).


In order to keep images aligned, crop images to the same aspect ratio e.g. 4:3 (800×600 pixels), regardless of their dimensions, when the images are beside each other they will have the same length and height.