• Get Started Early – As you would be at your desk/table at 9 am – It’s like pretending you’re going to the office. Get Dressed.
  • Structure Your Daily Schedule – Segment what you’ll do and when over the course of the day. Use an Online Calendar to keep to a schedule and set reminders.
  • Workspace – Choose a dedicated work area if possible. Another room would be perfect and less noisy, sometimes the kitchen table area is just too busy.
  • Social Media – Sometimes it can be a distraction, so log off from all accounts while you are concentrating on a task.
  • Do More – So, just as you’re encouraged to overestimate how much time you’ll spend doing one thing, you should also overestimate how many things you’ll do during the day, make a list.
  • Work when you’re at your most productive, save your harder tasks for when you know you’ll be in the right headspace for them. Some people are morning people, some aren’t.
  • Save calls for the afternoon (if possible), give yourself some extra time before working directly with others or reverse this and do all calls in the am and the afternoon is dedicated to other tasks, whichever works for you.
  • Focus on one distraction, like a baby or children! The bizarre but true rule of productivity is that the busier you are, the more you’ll actually do.


And the most important thing – don’t give up! You can do it! Be energetic, passionate and do your best!