The ‘stories’ feature on social media was first introduced to Instagram back in 2016, shortly after Facebook added the feature to their platform.

Ever since, ‘stories’ has become an excellent placement for sharing ‘in the moment’ content as well as advertisements.

Just last week, LinkedIn joined the trend by creating their very own stories feature. The new feature had initially been only accessible to specific countries; however, as of last week, it became available in Ireland.

To add a story to your profile you must download the LinkedIn mobile application, then you go to your ‘home’ section, and you will be able to add a story on the top left of your page, similar to Instagram.

Just like other social media platforms, LinkedIn stories will stay active for 24 hours, and you can add text and stickers to support your image or video as well as mentioning other LinkedIn members.

The maximum length of a LinkedIn story is 20 seconds. LinkedIn stories are the same dimensions as Instagram and Facebook, which enables the users to share the same image without adjusting any sizes.

Sharing stories is an excellent way of sharing your experiences and to help build meaningful relationships and catch people’s attention with your post.

The new feature adds a more social element to the platform and will help you personalise your account and gain insights to optimise your brand or business profile.

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