Does Your Irish Business Need to Pivot Your Business Sales to Ecommerce Selling?

Selling products or services online is unique because of the massive range of customers and country wide or worldwide customers you can reach depending on your product range or services niche.

In some ways, this evens the playing field, but remember, the thousands or millions of potential customers you can reach also have possibly thousands of competitor websites fighting for their attention and their limited cash at the moment.

Firstly, you must drive traffic to your website (and lots of it), then deliver great service and great products at the right price.

The good news is, your overhead costs of selling products online is significantly lower than opening a physical store, no high monthly rents & rates, insurance, and a team of staff to manage, support and pay.

Our top tip is simple – make it ultra-easy for the buyer to complete a purchase, followed by excellent sales and delivery experience and followed up by after sales support …

Use the Three e-Golden Selling Rules:

  • Do not force visitors to register when they first visit your website
  • Do not make the navigation on your website or blog complicated to use. Put the navigation at the top of the page and keep it consistent. Your mobile version of your website needs to be easy to use, fast and work on all different mobile phone makes.
  • Do not make buying process long and do not try to collect a lot of information from buyers. The more steps and information requested, the greater the friction, and the more sales you will lose as buyers abandon their purchase. Simple works for customers and increased e-sales.

There are other tips that you need to use, but if you as a business owner are considering moving your business sales online, contact us for a free video call consultation with our experienced e-team.

In Ireland there are Irish Government Grants available through your Local Enterprise Office (LEO). Email us today and we will be happy to advise you on all the options available to move or start your ecommerce business. We can arrange a free and private online video chat consultation with you to discuss your requirements and e-business sales.

If you require professional online marketing and sales advise, contact our expert team for a free online video call consultation with our experienced Fusion digital team and find out how we can assist with your online marketing strategy and campaigns.

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