Since your customers are being inundated with news about the coronavirus, they are likely growing numb to excessive emails and irrelevant social media posts and constant TV news reports. Our advice is to only send ultra-appropriate messaging that is relevant to them and be as transparent, concise and clear as possible.

Businesses Can Communicate with Their Customers Through the Following Communications:

Most Important, Messaging ToneShow real genuine concern and empathy.

Share a statement of commitment from the business. (For example, CEOs/Business Owners can create a video or written statement that lists the steps the business is taking to maintain business continuity while protecting employees and customers.)

Share key steps the business is taking to focus on customers’ needs and health and safety. (For example, store hours so senior citizens can shop two hours before everyone else and purchase much-needed items or hygienic home delivery service for example or online eCommerce options available)

Help customers when possible. (For example, in America, US Airlines such as Delta and JetBlue have waived cancellation and change booking fees to help travellers modify their travel plans.)

Share the time and date of your next scheduled update.

In terms of regular social media posts and ongoing communication, advice to any business owners is to think about the specific topics that your audience is concerned with right now, such as well-being, remote working, or safe hygienic deliveries for customers.

This will differ depending on your industry and the nature of your business, for example, travel businesses may need to address cancellation policies while providing virtual travel content, while hairdressers may need to announce store closures and make video tutorials to explain “at-home” advice for hair styling.

If your business is experiencing hardship and many are, like temporary business closure, communicate to your customers by telling them what they can do to support you during this time, such as buying gift cards, rescheduling appointments, writing positive reviews, purchasing products online, commenting on social media posts, or telling friends about your e-store or service.

We’re really all in this together and need to adapt in everything we do for now, stay safe and if your business needs professional support in sales, communication, PR or eCommerce solutions you can send us a private message and we can arrange a free one-to-one online video chat consultation.

We are already advising and assisting all types businesses all over Ireland in changing how they remain in business by selling or doing business online. LEO Irish government e-grants are currently available to Irish businesses.

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