All Retailers – MAKE IT EASIER TO TRADE DURING COVID!🤩 Introduce a ‘Click & Collect’ System for Your Business!🛒💡

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Here are Our Top Retail Ecommerce Tips to Consider.


  • Observe all the HSE guidelines on physical distancing
  • Tell customers if the service is free of charge
  • Provide the ability to pay online in advance
  • Be able to make the order available for collection next day (or within 2 hours if possible)
  • Clear communication about when the order is ready to collect and opening hours for collection points e.g. SMS to customer when ready to collect with this info
  • Make clear how it is “safe” during the outbreak e.g. all involved has committed to XYZ practices to reduce any possible virus spread risk
  • Ensure legal obligations are met in relation to online selling of any restricted products
  • Have a clear FAQ for the process – host this on your website clearly
  • Promote it in-store and across your social and online platforms


  • Do not sell if you do not have it – retailers need accurate, real-time stock availability in the system (stick to using in-store inventory)
  • Don’t keep the customer waiting – Ensure there is no wait time once customers get to your store, ensure their order is packed safely and ready go with clear signage on the outside of your premises on the process you are observing for physical distancing

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