The Impact Of Weather On Your Marketing & Ecommerce Operations – July 2021 Update.

Weather is the most primal and universal factor in consumer decision making. It affects where we go, what we wear, what we eat, what we buy – and crucially, how we feel.

This makes weather an important factor in your day-to-day business marketing planning and communication strategy. It is a real-time data-set available to all marketers which provides an insight into a consumer’s mood, desires, and purchase intent at any given moment, in any given country.

A quick way to monitor any changes in your businesses consumer activity is to make sure you review your analytics to see any change in your website visitors behaviour.

The most important impacts of weather:

Weather is the 2nd biggest influence on consumer behaviour after the state of the economy.

Exposure to sunlight has been proven to increase our willingness to spend money on products/services by up to 56%.

Research suggests that severe or extreme weather conditions ultimately have less impact on retail sales than longer periods of bad weather.

For example, ten days with 7 centimetres of snow are much worse than one day with 70 centimetres of snow.

Weather-driven demand & how it affects your mood:

Weather is a fundamental driver of consumer spending habits.

However, many businesses don’t realise just how pervasive weather’s impact on the sales of goods and services really is.

Forget about umbrellas and ice cream – the relationship between weather and product demand spans nearly every industry, including food & drinks, clothes & fashion, and health & beauty.

Understanding the customer’s mind frame in real-time, and tailoring your marketing messages accordingly. This will result in a much more potent online marketing or advertising campaign strategy and increased sales.

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