Nobody likes the idea of being ‘sold’ something. It makes customers feel like they have been taken advantage of or fallen prey to a salesperson’s skills and manipulation.

Even if you have the best product or service in the world, a seller needs to create a relationship with prospects before making a sale. And most importantly building a long-lasting relationship, rather than a once-off sale.

This of course depends on what you are selling, is it a one-off type of sale or a monthly or annually based product or service?

This concept is especially true with ‘social selling’ because people are inundated with offers on a regular basis through their social media channels.

So, Our Fusion Digital Professional Advice is – Be genuine, be a real person and company, and take the time to form relationships before trying to make a sale. This way is more valuable over the long-term which nearly every business needs.

Build your customer tribe for long-term gains and referrals which will help your company in the long run. Not just a quick sale in the short-term.

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