Social Media & Marketing – Doesn’t Work in My Industry (B2B Myth) 2020/2021 …

The key here is to think of the content that your target audience will like and find interesting or educational. It could be your mission or the activities of your business – new hires, project overviews or case studies. Furthermore, publish content that will engage your target business owners and management, posts that educate not to sell.

Check out Sprout Social’s Facebook page. They share data from their studies and share tips regarding how you can effectively use social media effectively in your business.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Other Social Media Channels – Always Be Testing, You’ll Be Surprised What Works!

“Did You Know – 64% of B2B marketers generated leads via LinkedIn, 49% via Facebook and 36% via Twitter (Pinpoint Market Research and Anderson Jones PR 2020). This only means that Facebook and Twitter can also be used by B2B companies to acquire leads.”

It is also true that many B2B companies only use LinkedIn because they only focus strictly on lead generation, ignoring the fact that you should use social media to build your brand before users start giving away their personal information. Your company needs to be seen as active and engaged within your industry social media sphere.

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