Case Study:


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The client, an experienced coach offering a range of coaching services to SMEs, public organisations, the education sector, small businesses and individuals, felt that she was not effectively communicating her services to her potential clients. She felt she didn’t know enough about her target market and wasn’t clear enough about her offering. She wanted to produce a promotional brochure but before doing so, she knew she needed to refine her messaging.

Our Approach

We proposed a half-day workshop to work through the services she offers in order to streamline them. As a result of scrutinising the services we made them more focused and understandable to her target audiences. Through brainstorming, we also came up with a new name and tagline for the business that would appeal more to her target clients.

Equilibria became ProACTive Coaching. We designed a new logo and designed and created content for the new brochure. In addition to delivering on the brief, we advised the client that there was an opportunity to raise her profile online through a new e-commerce website with an integrated online training course section. We also recommended that she avail of the Local Enterprise Office online trading voucher which resulted in the client recouping 50% of the development cost of the website.

The Results

Our client has received lots of positive feedback on the new brand and website and reports that her customers find her services much easier to understand. The rebranding experience and the refining of her services have given her a morale boost and renewed her excitement in her work for the first time since she started the business over 10 years ago. It has also resulted in new business, one as far as Canada. Now that’s digital progress!!