Case Study:

Client: Fashion Brand

Fashion case study - how we helped
Logo of VOYAGE


The client had founded a fashion line based on her experience in the modelling industry and engaged Fusion to create branding and launch it.

Our Approach

We met with the client who is a model and influencer to understand their needs. Firstly, we conducted market research on the fashion industry in order to develop a strategy to create a new brand. Then, we brain stormed names, ideas, colours, fonts and imagery in order to create a unique logo and brand image.

We designed a brand identity including brand usage guidelines. In additional to Marketing, we offered ongoing consultancy for product development, logistics and supplier support. When the product went into development, we continued to provide consultancy services. We created the launch strategy for digital marketing and direct marketing including all the assets from design, creating and managing social media profiles and ads.

The Results

The brand launched this summer 2020. Our client has received a substantial amount of feedback and saw a significant increase in their social media popularity. Overall the results of the VOYAGE brand launch was a success and it left us and our client greatly satisfied.