Fusion Digital June 2021 – Improving Your Businesses Online Visibility. 

How Google Determines Local Business Search Rankings in 2021.

When someone searches using Google, the local search results are based primarily on relevance, distance, and prominence.

A combination of these factors helps Google find the best match for a person’s search query. After all, Google’s main mission is to give people the most relevant search results in the quickest of time.

For example, Google’s algorithms might decide that a business that is farther away from a person’s location is more likely to have what a person is searching for, than a closer business.

Therefore, Google might rank the other company higher in local search results.

Relevance refers to how well a local Business Profile matches what someone is searching for.

By adding complete and detailed business information within your Google profile. This, in turn, will help Google better understand your business and match your profile listing to relevant online searches, for free!

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