Expert Ways to Improve Your Sales

Using the Power of Pay-Per-Click Campaigns In 2021

(AKA – PPC Advertising/Google Ads/Yahoo Ads).

1. Review & Expand Your Current Keyword List.

2. Identify Keywords with Poor Performance & Remove Them.

3. Expand Your Negative Keyword List & Update it Regularly.

4. Leverage Customer Reviews – You can use a seller ratings ad extension to display ratings as part of an ad for any products or services.

5. Geotarget Your Ads – When managing your ad targeting, make sure you are focused on the specific geographic locations where your products or services are relevant and available.

6. Revisit Your Buyer Personas – review current client and prospect demographics and marketing personas and update them.

7. Review & Refresh the Design of Your Landing Pages – An optimised, well-designed landing page can be the difference between a click turning into a lead or bouncing from your website to a competitor.

8. Not Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaigns for your business, you should be.

Why, because, you can target potential customers within your business catchment area as they search using ‘Google Search’ for exactly what your business sells or services that you provide using specially targeted keywords.

It works; however, certain keywords can be expensive depending on your industry and location along with you need to know what you are doing, otherwise Google will happily take all your budget with little results, contact us for more information.

We offer a free initial online video-call consultation to meet with you and discuss how we can assist your business, services, or products.

Email our Managing Director, Krystle Foley at in strict confidence and join our expanding number of other businesses clients utilising PPC advertising for increased customer enquiries and sales in 2021.

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Top Expert Ways To Improve Your PPC Campaigns In 2021 …