Looking to promote your products during the Black Friday season. If you have a database of customers, Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to promote your Black Friday deals and it can be hugely valuable for your business. With the right number of engaged subscribers and well-crafted emails, your business can have a very profitable Black Friday Sale.

Increase your sales with email marketing to promote your Black Friday Deals | Black Friday Offers | Black Friday Sales

  1. Write Black Friday Deals in the email subject line

The subject line of your email has one purpose, it needs to get the attention of the recipients, so they open your email. Your subject line should create a sense of urgency and it should show what you offer, it also needs to make it clear that it’s about Black Friday Sales.

  1. Create clear and distinguishable email content

There are some things that you can do to make your email content clear and distinguishable, be clear about your Black Friday offers, show your products right away in the email body, create a sense of urgency and have a call to action.

  1. Create a Black Friday Deal email design that stands out

Don’t get lost in the crowd, make sure that you get creative with your Black Friday offers email designs. You can use graphics, gifs, or even animations.

  1. Prepare separate emails for different contact lists

Once you’re ready with the email, the question is whom you will send it to. You could segment your contact lists to different sets of customers and send them different emails and then measure the results to see what worked.

  1. Send two types of Black Friday Deals through email

You can divide the timing of your email campaign into different stages as well for example announcement, and last chance for Black Friday Sales!

  1. Send your Black Friday emails at the right time.

Even though there is no general rule for the best date/time to send the emails, there are some guidelines that can help you plan your marketing campaign to increase Black Friday Sales.

In the ‘announcement’ email, one of the best options to boost your open rates is to send it between 10:00 am (when people open their morning emails) and 12:00 pm (they catch up around noon again).

The ‘last chance’ email times will depend on how long your Black Friday offers lasts. In case your sale will be on during the entire Black Friday weekend, you can send this email on the last day. But if it’s only a one-day event, you need to send the ‘last chance’ email in the final hours.