Fusion Digital Team Business Advice – May 2021

Using as many communications tools as possible and opportunities without flooding your customer base or social media followers is the easiest way to keep customers and possibly attract new clients attention.

Depending on your target market, publishing useful information like, up to date latest news, industry advice, new products or services that are of value, will gain more readers and followers along with possible online shares which will increase your content footprint.

Use your website, social media accounts, customer mailing and email marketing lists with complete and informative products or services information.

Especially using high-quality videos or images of your products shot from multiple angles, product & services videos or AR models is key to winning consumers attention on a crowded online marketplace in 2021.

“ The need to stand out in 2021 is of utmost importance to all types of businesses

in a congested online marketplace. “

Marketplace Awareness

Being different, sometimes funny, entertaining, informative, supportive, and creative to stand out from the norm, all depending on your business category and target audience of course!

However, be extra careful with the ‘funny option’ as it can backfire easily. It could cause your brand or business long-term damage if not researched and pretested probably.

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